Dear Friends and Family:

Every year 2.3 million people are trafficked across borders for the purpose
of slave labor and prostitution. 88% of trafficking is for sexual exploitation.
200,000 of these are trafficked into Western Europe alone.
Globally, it is a 32 billion dollar industry.

This year Run for Rescue will devote it’s time and resources to Breaking Chains Network, a group that devotes itself to rescuing and restoring women who have been trafficked into Western Europe from Africa and Eastern Europe. In the past Run for Rescue has raised funds and awareness regarding sex trafficking. Through your help, we’ve been able to raise funds for emergency medical funds for women and children that have been rescued. Through our partnership with Project Rescue, and people like you, we’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of women we may never meet.

The women of Run for Rescue will be running the Walt Disney World Princess Marathon on Sunday, March 7. We hope to be able to raise funds for April Foster and Breaking Chains Network in Western Europe. Throughout this year we will be running and fundraising for them.

We ask you to consider partnering with us. Your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to the following projects for BCN.

1) Finding sponsors for a drop -in ministry center near the red light district—monthly pledges of $1200 includes rent and utilities—we are really excited about this opportunity as we have made great contact with some of the girls in the district and this will give us a chance to invite them to a safe, Godly place where we can counsel, pray with, and disciple them—-very important next step in our ministry and we are looking for sponsors for monthly support—-( any number of months). We are planning on signing the lease in February. Also we can hold English classes, computer classes and so on to help increase their skills for finding alternative means of employment.

2) One time donation of $3000 needed to equip the ministry center ( some donations of furniture, small kitchen appliances, and funds have come in but this is about what we need to finish).

3) One time donation of $5000 Euros for computers and programs to teach computer skills to the women to help increase their skills, education and employable opportunities.

4) Support for the two apartment we have set up for safe houses ( right now houses 5 women and 2 children). $600 per month —any number of months covered will be helpful.

5) We need a transport van for the ministry. This would be for use both for transportation needs for the ladies ( like now we are helping a mother and her six children) and also to move furniture that has been donated to the safe houses, ministry center, and church. We have had to turn down donations because of not having a van big enough to use. The cost for a used 9 passenger van would be about $30,000—we are looking for donors to sponsor part or all of the cost.

You can also go to this link to watch a video of April talking about her work in Western Europe.

Thank you once again for partnering with us.

God bless!
Carol Saragusa